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A Brief Introduction To The Air Filter In Colleges And Universities

High-efficiency air filters are mainly used to trap particles of dust and various suspended solids below 0.5um. Using superfine glass fiber paper as filter material, offset sheet, aluminum film and other materials to divide, and wooden aluminum alloy glued to the use of special silicone rubber, odorless, the surface will not harden, long time will not have cracks, stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, can absorb the stress produced by thermal and thermal expansion without cracking, soft hardness moderate, resilient recovery. Each stage is tested by the sodium flame method, which has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large volume of dust.

High-efficiency air filters can be widely used in optical electronics, LCD LCD manufacturing, biomedical, precision instruments, beverages, food, PCB printing and other industries clean room air conditioning end of the air supply. Efficient and ultra high efficiency filters are used in clean room end, in its structural form can be divided into: there are partitions efficient, non-clapboard high efficiency, high wind efficiency, ultra high efficiency filters and so on.

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