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Classification Of Air Filters In Colleges And Universities

Non-clapboard HEPA filter

The non-clapboard filter is used to separate the filter material by the hot melt adhesive instead of the foil filter. Because there is no clapboard to make 50mm thick non-clapboard filter can reach 150mm thick with clapboard filter performance. 90mm thick outer frame HEPA in the same filter area and filter efficiency, the air volume can reach 1.3 times times the barrier span 150mm thick standard resistance type, the span 150mm thick standard resistance type two times. Can meet the today's air purification to a variety of space and weight and energy consumption demanding demand.

Efficient filter with clapboard

A separator with high efficiency filter is used superfine fiber as filter material, high-quality kraft paper hot rolled forming or use offset paper, aluminum Platinum as separators, with wooden frame or aluminum alloy frame glue and become, with high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large air volume advantages. A separator with high efficiency filters using double-sided adhesive coated paper as a separator, the purpose is to prevent the separator plate under the effects of cold and dry shrinkage, thus emitting particles. Suitable for low-level non-one-way flow projects with a variety of purification equipment and clean plant. With clapboard filter, aluminum separator filter is mainly used in high temperature or high humidity environment, the paper clapboard filter in the common clean environment. There is a relatively large clapboard air volume, can be used as high temperature filtration.

V-Type Dense pleated filter

For general ventilation system, with large filtration area, low resistance, long service life and so on. It can be used as a filter of high-efficiency filter, thus effectively prolonging the service life of high-efficiency filters.

High temperature resistant filter

The filter can be used in the high temperature environment of 250 ℃, the filtration efficiency can reach 99.99% @0.3 μ m.D.O.P./P.S.L Testing 95%, 99.99% at 0.3 μm

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