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Classification Of Filter Elements For Air Filters

The filter element of air filter is divided into dry filter and wet filter. Dry filter material for filter paper or non-woven fabrics. In order to increase the air through the area, the filter core processing many small folds. When the filter element is lightly defaced, you can use compressed air blowing, when the filter fouling serious should promptly replace the new core.

The wet filter uses the sponge-like polyurethane material to be manufactured, should be loaded with some oil, rubbing evenly with the hand to absorb the foreign body in the air. If the filter is defaced, can be cleaned with cleaning oil, excessive fouling should also replace the new filter.

If the filter block is serious, the intake resistance will increase, the engine power drops. At the same time, because of the increase of air resistance, it will increase the intake of gasoline, resulting in mixing than excessive, so that the engine running state deterioration, increase fuel consumption, also prone to produce carbon. Usually should develop the habit of checking the air filter cartridge.

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