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Operation Method Of Cleaning Air Filter

1. Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Filter

Open the front cover, where there will be a black square or rectangular box. Then there is a large ventilation tube connected to the throttle door. There are some screws, some pressure buckle. It's easy to open it out. Generally clean, the dust is blown away. If it is too dark or a long time for the proposed replacement of the installation, in the installation of the air filter, also first blow inside.

2. Regular cleaning of air filter or replacement filter

Automotive engines are very precise parts, and minimal impurities can damage the engine.

Therefore, the air before entering the cylinder, must first pass through the dense filter of the air filter, before entering the cylinder. air filter is the guardian of the engine, the air filter state is good or bad relationship with the engine life.

If the car in the use of dirty air filter, will make the engine into insufficient gas, so that fuel combustion incomplete, resulting in unstable engine work, power decline, fuel consumption increase phenomenon. Therefore, the car must keep the air cleaner clean.

In the general road situation, the vehicle traveling 7500-8000km must carry on clean maintenance to the air filter. The intervals of maintenance in the area of greater sand dust should be shortened correspondingly.

A new type of car is widely used in dry air filter, dry air filter filter is made by resin-treated microporous filter paper, with good filtration effect, easy maintenance and so on. Because of the different models, the structure of the shape differs, but the maintenance method is basically the same. In the maintenance of it, should comply with the requirements of the automotive manufacturers (see table 1) mileage.

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