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The Main Function Of Air Cleaner

In the process of the engine to absorb a lot of air, if the air is not filtered, the airborne suspended dust in the air cylinder inhalation, will accelerate the piston group and cylinder wear. The larger particles enter the piston and the cylinder, causing a serious "pulling cylinder" phenomenon, which is particularly serious in the dry and sandy work environment. air filter is installed in the carburetor or into the front of the trachea, to filter the air in the dust, sand particles, to ensure that the cylinder enters the full amount of clean air.

In the car's tens of thousands of parts, air filter is a very inconspicuous part, because it does not directly relate to the technical performance of automobiles, but in the actual use of automobiles, the air filter has a great impact on the service life of automobiles (especially engines). On the one hand, without the filtration of the air filter, the engine will breathe in a lot of dust, particles of air, resulting in serious engine cylinder wear; On the other hand, if in the process of use, long time does not give maintenance, air filter filter will be glued to the dust in the air, which not only reduce the filtration capacity, but also hinder the flow of air, resulting in mixed gas too thick and the engine is not normal. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the air filter on schedule.

The air filter generally has the paper quality and the oil bath type two kinds. Because the paper filter has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, light quality, low cost and convenient maintenance, it has been widely adopted. The filtration efficiency of paper filter is up to 99.5%%, the filtration efficiency of oil bath filter is 95-96 in normal condition. The widely used air cleaner in sedan is a paper filter, which is also divided into dry and wet type. For dry filter cartridge, once immersed in oil or moisture, filtration resistance will increase sharply, so clean when you avoid contact with water or oil, otherwise you must replace the new pieces.

When the engine is running, the intake is intermittent, causing the air in the air filter shell to vibrate, and if the air pressure fluctuates too much, it sometimes affects the intake of the engine. Additionally, the intake noise will be increased. In order to restrain the inlet noise, the volume of the air filter shell can be increased, and some partitions are arranged to reduce the resonance.

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